GEO is not an event agency like the others!

With a small team of event, marketing and communication professionals, the agency intervenes immediately and knows how to manage specialized projects with great responsiveness. Requirement and good humor are there!

GEO’s philosophy is in three letters:

G for Generosity

E for Excellence

O for Optimism

The relationship with our customers and our services are consistent with these values.


We firmly believe that the heart must be at the center of all our actions.
Our goal is to provide joy and happiness to both guests and hosts.

Also, we put the heart into the work, the heart to satisfy you and invest your event as if it were a party for our own best friends.

In addition, as soon as we can, the GEO charity evenings collect funds to help associations work on the ground in favor of the most disadvantaged, in France and abroad.

We love beautiful and quality things.
For this, we choose high-end professionals who want to give the best of themselves to each client, and in whom we fully trust.


GEO is driven by the joy of living and a positive outlook on the world.
We want to help give warmth to people, to connect them with authentic and joyful events.
Also, GEO offers always have a dose of lightness and freshness, while being upscale.